Gong Therapy

The gong is a healing instrument, and I include the sounds of the gong in my classes. In my Kundalini yoga teacher training there were various gongs and the sounds of them made me arrive into presence, and sometimes made everything else disappear but the vibrations. I had the opportunity to participate in gong baths, where they played for about an hour, and also gong pujas/gong nights, where they played gongs for the whole night…

Sometimes it was totally blissful, relaxing, marvellous, and sometimes it created the space for me to open to emotions such as strong sadness. It’s often like that – gongs heal what needs to be healed, and going through and dissolving blockages and imbalances may include what’s not so comfortable. Yet, letting go of the resistance and opening up to life with whatever is present, I believe is being alive.

I have a Paiste Synodic Moon Gong, a singing bowl bought in the tibetan market in Delhi and a Zaphir Chrystalide wind chime.


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Please let us know if you are pregnant, suffer from a sound sensitive condition, fits/seizures, back pain, have a pacemaker, a hearing-aid, or have any requirements.