Why a

Summer Solstice Retreat

in Portugal?

Follow my journey of thoughts & feelings…


Why do I say: come and join my Summer Solstice Kundalini Yoga & Gong Celebration retreat in Portugal at Rural Escapes!? There are so many amazing retreats going on, at so many extraordinary places with so many gorgeous teachers. Lucky us! We are also so many human beings on this earth with different needs and journeys in this world who most of us would benefit greatly attending a retreat. So let us all give us the opportunity and space to spend time at a retreat. Yes!

Why would this one be the one for you this summer? (or maybe it will actually be one of various retreats you will join? ;)) I’ve asked myself this; and also asked myself Why Retreat? Why Kundalini Yoga? Why Gong? Why Summer Solstice Celebration? Why Portugal and Rural Escapes? Why will this take place? What contribution does the retreat have to the participants (you!), to us hosting it, to the world?

I don’t know, as I can’t know anything about the future, but I so so so much believe in this retreat. I’ll answer these questions quite shortly, even if I could write pages about them.

• Let’s start with Why a retreat!? I experience a retreat as such an opportunity for anyone to drop into presence, to deepen into a practise, to embrace life, to connect to yourself and others, get perspective and spend time and space in a special place. Since I understood that retreats excited and could be for me, I’ve participated in various, organised a few, and also created retreats for myself. A retreat allows us to explore more, and have time to integrate… and that’s so valuable both with Kundalini Yoga and Gong.

• Kundalini Yoga has been my main daily practise since 2011, when I recognized that it consisted of a combination of more or less everything I appreciated: movement (yes, both dynamic, strengthening, stretching, gentle, quick and slow), stillness (relaxation/the shavasana is super important!), sounds (I love chanting!), silence (both in the room and mentally); and Kundalini Yoga gave a space to feel, embrace and transform emotions, thoughts and feelings. It connected me to the formless, the infinity, as well as the form and the finite. I got perspective, and the practise really influenced my whole life. To teach this practise to other beings has given me so many examples of how it also can contribute to other people’s lives, and this makes me believe and trust in Kundalini Yoga as a powerful and transformative… and I love to share it with others. In a group it happens something special with the energy, so it can feel quite magic to practise together.

• The Gong and other sound healing instruments I see as a gift to the world. Both my experiences of the sounds, what other people tell me, and when I read the theory about it I feel so blessed and excited that these tools are available for us to experience. The gong can contribute to us quickly arrive into the present moment, dissolve blockages, amplify the effect of asanas, take us on thrilling journeys, heal emotional and physical tensions, allow us to deeply relax, and... connect us to just being. I’m learning more about their possibilities all the time. It is such a privilege that there is a symphonic gong, chinese gong, singing bowls and more healing instruments at the retreat centre Rural Escapes for us to experience.

• Summer Solstice; that is something special, isn’t? It is the moment when it is as light as it can be, the day is as long day as it can be; it is a time when people have been celebrating through ages. Camilla, who runs the retreat centre Rural Escapes, and will run as few of the classes at the retreat (!!), is from Sweden, as well as me. In Sweden, Summer Solstice is celebrated with joy, flowers and dance. I feel it’s such an opportunity to invite the taste of the Swedish celebration, with the celebration of life; and the celebration of both light and darkness. Rituals are powerful, and we will really take the opportunity to feel the Summer Solstice vibe, and celebrate that we are alive!

• In this aliveness, we have the opportunity to experience places, and travel to other spaces. Portugal has for a few years been in my awareness as a place to visit (believe it or not, but I actually haven’t been there yet!), and when Camilla told me about the possibility to run a retreat there I just felt Yes! Yes! Yes! I met Camilla in Brighton, and when she moved to Portugal, I got the possibility to take over two of her classes. When I have heard her talking about Portugal - the beauty, the landscape, the air, the sea, the atmosphere - I got even more inspired. When she showed me the pictures of the mountains, of the hammock, of the yoga place outside with the views, of the sandy beaches, of the bell tents, I felt that this is a place I would love to spend time, and invite people to join me. There is space for mindful walks in nature, time to travel to the beach, to eat in presence, to practise yoga outside, to relax in gong baths, to have sharing circles, to chant together (I’m practising playing the guitar!), to look into each other’s eyes, to look far away at the horizon and to just breath with our eyes closed.

• So from Tuesday evening to Saturday morning we will gather together. Each human being will get their unique journey, their special experience of these days. We will have time to get to know each other, share together, as well as spend time for ourselves and really listen to our own needs and wishes. We will allow noticing challenges, feeling, embracing and maybe transforming them; as well as welcoming the joy, playfulness and bliss of being alive. I believe this is such a gift both to ourselves and the world. To give space to be conscious right now, and encourage that sense of “now” to continue in our lives, which will give more joy and awareness to everything and everyone we encounter… can it be so?

Writing this, I feel blessed to be a part of co-creating this retreat with Camilla at Rural Escapes. I feel excited for the people who have booked their places for the retreat, how the preparations and the tuning in for it already have started. I feel inspired to invite a few more people to join this very special retreat. I’m grateful there are so many retreats happening out there, so if you don’t get a space or have possibility to join this retreat this summer, allow yourself to invite another one into your life. Dare to give yourself, and the world, a few days retreating, and notice the magic journey of presence continuing….

Summer Solstice Kundalini Yoga & Gong Celebration Retreat

18-22 June 2019 – Rural Escapes Portugal


ps. Next years retreat will be

Full Moon Kundalini Yoga & Gong Women's Retreat

1-7 July 2020 – Rural Escapes Portugal