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Nueva clase en España los viernes!

(I can teach the class both in Spanish and English if needed :))

Ven a clase de Kundalini Yoga & Gong la mayoría de los viernes a las 10.30-12. Lo hacemos cuando el tiempo está bien. El precio es por donación, traiga tu esterilla de yoga, manta y cojín. Estamos afuera en una terraza al lado de Collserola, cerca de La Floresta. Hay aparcamiento para el coche al lado. Si quieres venir, escríbeme por Whatsup a +44 7732423622 para ver si hay plaza y te doy la dirección.

I'm living in La Floresta/ Sant Cugat del Valles, close to Barcelona in Spain,

from september 2019 until june 2020.

Please connect if you want me to start any yoga class there or run a workshop.

I can teach in English, Spanish and Swedish: ;)


Kundalini yoga is often described as the Yoga of Awareness. For me it is a powerful tool to embrace all aspects of life, connect to both the finite and the infinite, to the form and the formless. Important to me is the integration of sound healing and vibrations, usually with her synodic moon gong, singing bowl, wind chime, sometimes guitar.... and always our voices. 

/Maria Varanpal


Next event info coming soon..


I've been teaching regularly in Brighton... might be classes in Spain that starts... :)

Workshop & GONG PUJA

Workshops and Retreats

co-faciliated with Patricia Carlota 

Coming ones:

30th of November 2.30-5.30pm: Kundalini Yoga & Gong Workshop in Eastbourne, the UK

Saturday - Sunday 1-2th Aug 2020 Gong Puja (probably Eastbourne, the UK)

FUll moon Retreat

in Portugal

1-7 July 2020 in Portugal

one to one

I offer one-to-one Gong Therapy, Gong&Yoga & Personalized Yoga sessions



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